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Joan Rivers literally said several times that she hated feminists and feminism what the fuck is Times magazine doing calling her a feminist icon.

but girl power, guys! when a woman becomes famous almost exclusively for trashing and demeaning other women it’s important that we recognise her girl power. feminism is only about women achieving positions from which they can enact violence on other people

…except for the fact that joan rivers’ career started at a time where this shit was incredibly taboo. it’s not even close to what it is now. she built her career FAR sooner than fashion police, which is all people seem to be remembering her for. she was working hard during a time in the world when women really WERE considered far lesser than men. she had to fight for her career and her recognition as a comedian. she was never a self-identified feminist because she would have lost respect in that point in time and that’s how she grew up. that was just the way things were at the time. and despite that, she STILL spoke about abortion and working mothers and equality in her acts.

and sure, she talked about women’s fashion on her show every week, most of it being negative criticism. but, let’s get real, that show was just another means for her to crack jokes and stay relevant- seriously, fault her for that. (the show also talks men’s fashion too, but whatever.) and even at that point in her career she was still hardworking and trying to push the envelope. she did so much in her time, with all her shows and her youtube channel and everything she did. she was incredibly hardworking and it paid off for her.

joan rivers wasn’t by any means a saint. she was crass, rude, superficial and incredibly and unabashedly shameless. but saying that she wasn’t a trailblazer in the feminist (and comedy) community is just wrong. factually wrong. she may not have been your ideal feminist, speaking out for women every humanly chance she was given. but for her generation and the time in which she broke into the industry, she was certainly someone to respect. she at least deserves your respect. 

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Working on a song - gearing up before the Portland show tonight!


Working on a song - gearing up before the Portland show tonight!

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“We’ve all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That’s who we really are.”

oscar isaac as sirius black

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do you ever stop and think about how high school musical and breaking bad take place in the same town

*police sirens”


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I’m sorry but can we appreciate how this could have gone down a totally sexist and offensive path but instead it’s just hilarious

Reblogged this before but I still think it’s hilarious.

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DC Vs. Marvel


DC Vs. Marvel

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The Little Rascals 20th Anniversary Reunion

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The level.

i’m very angry and very impressed



The level.

i’m very angry and very impressed

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"the safety’s on"
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