a sucker for those famous faces.
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These characters are gorgeous, you know why? Because they’re, essentially, the same boy on opposite sides of the track. 

They’re both forced into impossible situations. Draco is forced into Lord Voldemort’s inner circle by his father’s actions and is being pushed and threatened to do things he’d rather not. Harry is forced into a confrontation and destiny he doesn’t want by a prophecy and Voldemort’s actions.

Both are deeply passionate and defensive of their Hogwarts house. Arguably, they both embody the core values of each house. Draco is incredibly sly and cunning and ambitious, desperate to get what he wants. Harry is desperately brave and reckless and courageous. They’re both leaders of their house and even play the same position on their Quidditch teams.

Both boys are famous and influential. Draco has his family’s name and his family’s wealth. Harry has his fame and reputation.

Both boys are used in the war. Harry is used by Dumbledore, prepared and trained to fight Voldemort, manipulated (to a certain degree) into some of his choices. Draco is used by Voldemort to kill Dumbledore, possibly expose Severus as a spy, etc. 

There are differences, of course, but, these are, essentially, the same fucking character split into two and pitted against each other—light and dark explored. Bless you JKR. 

I have come to accept that the Potter feels will never cease.

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    tyler joseph: climbs ontop of a stage and raps perfectly
    josh dun: plays drums while fans hold him up on a platform
    twenty one pilots: for some reason don't win best live band
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Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) // Nancy Sinatra

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# still the best moment in a tv show ever

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# still the best moment in a tv show ever

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Let slip the hogs of war.

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Brie Larson in Jenny Lewis’ “Just One of the Guys

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my hair and i have a very complicated relationship </3

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Lydia Martin in season four: episode four, “The Benefactor

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» [23/50] photos of Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart

» [23/50] photos of Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart

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Jon Stewart tries to get Hillary Clinton to say she’s running for president.

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Mash-up of 

  • AWOLNATION Sail (Feed Me Remix)
  • Lorde Everybody Wants to Rule the World

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Sail © 2011 Red Bull RecordsEverybody Wants to Rule the World © 1985 Phonogram (UK), Mercury (US), Vertigo (CA); The Hunger Games: Catching Fire - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack © 2013 Republic Records, Mercury Records. My mash-ups are transformative works and are protected by the DMCA’s fair-use doctrine.

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